The International Institute for the Conservation, Archiving and Distribution of Other People’s Memories

For many years, the International Institute for the Conservation, Archiving and Distribution of Other People’s Memories (IICADOM) has been a global leader in the field of memory preservation. Our institute is renowned for its extensive experience and expertise and has invested in research and development in a variety of areas. Among other things, the institute has acquired thousands of orphaned memories which we have saved from oblivion. We truly believe these memories form an extensive resource of cultural heritage and can fulfil personal as well as collective needs. Currently these memories are distributed through exhibitions and screenings and are otherwise safely stored for future use.

However, we at IICADOM are fully committed to our bold drive to do better. Therefore, IICADOM is aiming at a giant leap forward: as we want to set new goals, we aim at redistributing and reassessing the value of these orphaned memories and want to make them available for a wide range of new applications. We firmly believe that by doing so, the original value of the orphaned memories can be regained, thereby shifting this static archive towards a dynamic and lived memory.


Chief Executive Archivist


In order to achieve our ambition to create a lasting and positive impact on society and its memory, we are currently recruiting several Chief Executive Archivists (CEA) to strengthen our team of conservators, archivists, and distributors. 

Alongside the fellow Executive Archivists and the Senior Archival Team, the CEA will be responsible for the management of IICADOM’s collection of orphaned memories which we make accessible to our customers.

By making the archive available to the public and providing metadata, the CEA will be able to preserve the past and allow others to discover it.



• Manage and maintain the archive and its records

• Work in close cooperation with the Chief Executive Archivist and the other staff members

• Accomplish goals, targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

• Verify data provided by peers

• Adopt memories as your own

• Take responsibility for memories

• Analyse, appropriate, archive, arrange, catalogue, categorize, classify, conserve, define, distribute, explore, file, organize, protect, revaluate, save, systematize, and structure orphaned memories



To be a successful Executive Archivist you need specific functional, technical, and personal skills or the talent to develop yourself further in these skill areas:

• You are result-oriented with expert problem solving and analytical skills

• You are passionate about Information Retrieval (IR) and its added-value to sustainable memory improvement

• You show a keen interest in memory management

• You understand the mission, strategy, and processes of IICADOM

• You consider our archive full of narrative potential

• You are experienced in working within a strict hierarchical structure and have the ambition to work your way up.

•  You have good communication skills (in English or Dutch) and are an excellent team player


The following competences are a plus:

• You have an investigative mind and a penchant for voyeurism

• You have a good memory (or can compensate with a good imagination)

• You are not hesitant to delve into other people’s past



The CEA will be part of a motivated team of like-minded individuals, working together, though individually, through a flexible schedule with the ability to telecommute.

As an employee we consider you as our most valuable asset.  We take your career seriously. As part of a global team in an innovative environment your development is key and our day-to-day responsibility. Through ample compensation we ensure your personal growth. Memory shapes your identity and we believe in expanding it through your interaction with our archive in order to create a richer lived experience.  Our benefits make sure we care for you and your family now and in the future.

Currently this application is closed, as the recruiting procedure is in process.  However, if you join our mailing list, we will contact you when there is a vacancy.

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